My Name Here (hflag223) wrote in umass_musicians,
My Name Here

need musicians!! x-posted in umassamherst

Looking for bassist and drummer who are interested in STRAIGHT UP ROCKING OUT in a band that has its music already together, has been offered sponsorship by corona, but needs competent musicians to finish up the group, for at least as long as it takes to finish the arrangements and quick recordings, and as long as possible thereafter. excellent practice space, amps, drums USUALLY provided for rehearsals.

we aim for eventually being--damn right--rock stars. but you can stay as long as you'd like, though we'd prefer idealism and NO FLAKES OR SPACE CADETS.

do you classify yourself as "good"? in general--ie, can keep a solid tempo, groove, improvise for self/when shit happens/jamming, has played extensively with others, preferably with at least an ounce of classical and jazz training or a healthy respect for britney spears' "toxic"--and are you an agreeable person?
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