sadiegremlin (sadiegremlin) wrote in umass_musicians,

$50 for clarinet that needs a little work

Anyone need a clarinet to mess around with?

I have an old student clarinet, plastic body. It needs a good cleaning and probably could do with some pads. They haven't been replaced since 2002 or so, which is also when I last used it. (Bought a wooden model.)
There are a few wear spots on some of the keys, and it's definitely not the clarinet you want if you're a clarinet major, but if you need a backup plastic one for marching in the cold, or if you want something for a clarinet tech, this'll do the job.

$50 and it's yours. Cheap because like I said, you'll need to clean it and give it a tuneup. Pics available, leave a comment with your email if interested. I can meet you anywhere on campus, or drop it off within 5 miles or so in any direction.
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